• Leslie Martin

The Road to Reopening

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Song of the Day: Perfect - The The

Feeling: Partly overwhelmed with hope on the horizon

Grateful for: Friends and family who support me and love me daily

Four days ago someone said they worried that if I didn't reopen soon I may lose too many customers. Today on social media, many thanked me for keeping them fed and keeping them safe. I know there is a lesson in there about trying to please everyone. I can only do what feels right for me and my staff and have a little faith.

The majority of our staff is vaccinated now. Some with language barriers have found it more difficult to navigate the system but it’s slowly happening for them too. I am amazed at how fast access to vaccines has happened.

I often think back on a day in the fall of 2019 when a longtime customer who was reading about the Corona virus asked me “what is your contingency plan?”. Foolishly I though back on the swine flu and how it impacted my business little if any. I remember a friend telling me during the swine flu period that they had gone to Mexico and it had been great because the beaches were empty because everyone was afraid to fly. Now it’s been over a year since I have had any customers inside my building.

As someone who has lived for my business, and who turned 50 during the lockdown, I look at this time as an opportunity for me to restructure not only my business but also my life. Today is exactly 2 months before I plan on reopening. It would be sooner but there is a little more to do to make Bouldin what I want it to be as a business owner, a boss, and most importantly for me as a person.

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