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Safety First!

Song of the Day: I'm So Excited - Le Tigre

Feeling: Relieved and Excited

Grateful for: The hard work and kindness that my employees provide me daily

One of the projects I most wanted to complete while the inside of the restaurant was closed was a redo the ramp from the front room leading into the bar. When I turned the old tire shop into a restaurant, two architects, multiple contractors, an ADA compliance agent, the City of Austin permitting office, AND several City of Austin building inspectors all approved what I now feel like might have been one of the most sketchy restaurant entrances in existence. I see trip hazards everywhere I go now. What looks to the average person like a cute antique brick path, often to me feels like a field of landmines.

The first year Bouldin was open in the tire shop, I think I aged 10 years watching innocent diners almost trip coming in and out of my newly remodeled restaurant. One friendly 6’2” recent New York transplant took only two steps before falling face first onto the restaurant floor and needing to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. She was alone with no friends in town, so that day I spent three hours in the emergency room pacing back and forth, hoping that it seemed worse than it was. That week I scrambled find a team willing to come overnight and bust out the original ramp, make it bigger, and add handrails. I had hoped the issue was taken care of yet even with the addition of bigger and more colorful "watch your step signs", it was not the full proof solution I had wanted.

Well it finally happened! It’s taken a minute to come up with a workable design, get the funds together, get a spot on the very full schedules of concrete workers, but finally the old ramp is gone and a new one has been built. In the process I was also able to raise and widen the doorway from the front entrance into the main part of the restaurant and eliminate what had always been a choke point.

The new ramp still needs to be sealed and a rail needs to be added, but to me it’s already a thing of beauty. Lot’s of natural light now pours through the new doorway and it has the welcoming feel I have always wanted and you as guests deserve. Most importantly it’s safe. I am looking forward to August when you can come inside again and we walk you down the new ramp to the section of your choice- inside, outside, or first available.

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